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College Event

Be it college Fresher’s, an Exhibition, your College Fest or a Farewell to bid adieus to the seniors… we provide our best event management services to ensure your enjoyable time and the elegant shine during the function. We assist you to see new choices

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Wedding Events

Not just tying knot but a wedding is comprises of Tears of joy, laughter, countless emotions and the happiness on everyone’s face. Wedding unities families, no matter how much we try describing the occasion, word’s usually don’t come easy to represent that bond of love.

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Birthday Events

Birthday is the significance of new beginnings; it is one the most remarkable day in everyone’s life. It really doesn’t matter how old are you but the mere thought of birthday excites the little minion inside you so celebrate life, cheers to your birthday.

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Social Events

Happy Days Events central location in Nagpur, India make us the perfect event venue for all of your social events including Kitty parties, Charity Events, fundraising, gala events, office parties and more. We provide you with charming facility venues

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Corporate Events

Happy Days Event Management Company is recognised on the basis of years of dedication and good quality work in the field. We Events company specialize in conference event organizing and exhibition stall designing.

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Corporate Seminars

Finding a seminar hall or auditorium for rent that has the right layout, location as per the guests and amenities can make a difference in the overall experience and impact on the listeners. From small meeting rooms for intimate seminars to the grand.

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What We Can Offer

Events Planning

A material is defined as a substance (most often a solid, but other condensed phases can be included) that is intended to be used for certain applications.

Events Solutions

Team designated for you is dedicated to you and all your requirements 24/7 and will not be working on other solution so maximal concentration is on your requirements.

Events Sponsorship

With every requirement we check latest standards which we will implement in our work so we guarantee that our work is top notch by the latest standards.

We Listen To You

Unique solution for alternative energy for your building with solution as result of over 10 years of research in the electrical engineering by leading world experts.


What Others Say

We are pleased to say that work done by this company is outstanding. Everything what we asked was done on time and with high precision by the professional team. With proper briefing there is no room for any mistakes. During the project execution team has applied requested changes in professional manner.

We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Industry we were sure that we would need to talk only to one organization about all our needs. Industry with its branches in meta, electrical, oil, automotive, agricultural industry had handled our request from there. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.

In the need of the total cultivation control and overseeing of the agriculture processes we've selected Industry which ended to be our best corporation decisions. All our problem were solved quickly and professionally by the Industry team.

In the need of large quantity of the metal products like profile and sheets we've found that all we need can be found by the Industry. Our automotive company with millions of cars produced each year has found suppler of the high precision sheets which can be used in all our cars.

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